TEST – In-Circuit and Flying Probe Test


ICT In-Circuit Test Systems

HP 3070 Series III (1)
Capability: Currently testing up to 2304 nodes.

Teradyne Z1820 (1)
Capability: Currently testing up to 1060 nodes.
DeltaScan with FrameScan

GenRad 2286e (2)
Capability: Currently testing up to 3840 nodes.

Flying Probe Test System

Acculogic 980Dx
Full Function Double Sided System, Closed Loop AccuFast™ Drive System with 1 micron minimum step size, +/-10 micron positioning repeatability, Configurable with up-to 22 Closed Loop Flying Probes, Programmable probe angle +6º to -6º degrees, Extensive electrical Test capabilities including Analog, Digital, Mixed signal and Boundary Scan as well as advanced Optical and Thermal inspection, Power-on and advance function testing (up-to GHz range), Up-to 128 non-Mux test channels through fixed nails, Latent open detection, Support for largest boards up-to 41″x 25.5″ (1050 x 640mm)

Temperature Cycle Testing

Thermotron S-16 (1) 
Internal Volume (Cubic Ft): 16c/ft
Temperature High Limit: 350°F, 177°C
Temperature Low Limit: -100°F, -73.3°C,
Method of Cooling: Cascade Mechanical Refrigeration

SD-302 Mechanical Refrigeration Chamber
Internal Volume 2 Cubic ft.
Temperature High Limit: 350F, 177C
Temperature Low Limit: -85F, -65C

IC Programming

Chip Master 7000, 7100, and 6100/XP (2), XPRO-3000, PBM 1410-84
Program Capability: PLCC-24, 32, 44, QFP-44 and SO-16

Test Equipment

Tonehom multilayer shorts locator Model 950 (1)
Cable Scan Test Mate Model EXP (1)
Oscilloscope: Tektronix TDS 3053 500MHZ DPO (1)
BK Precision 889 Bench LCR/ESR Meter (1)
5 variable DC power supplies from 1VDC to 250VDC.
Various DMM (standard test equipment)